Communicating with the Lips

The Waterhole is a place to party, aside from that it is also located in the heart of Amsterdam, which in its turn makes it very attractive for most tourists to visit. Still, I have encountered something here, from which I never believed to exist this much outside of movies.”What happens in Amsterdam, stayis in Amsterdam”. A place where tourists think we can just order their pills with their beer (which will be rejected with a friendly warning by most barstaff), but also where a lot of women think they can get anything done by showing some cleavage, and pouting their lips.

For example, some of these ladies think it is completely fine for them to play with my (audio) equipment. Working with an iPad has it’s pros, but one of the big cons still is that everyone sees this big shiny thing that they want to touch, and especially women feel they have the right to mess with it. All the while I have to keep a straight face and tell them that the duckfaceus not working, and ask them if they can keep a little distance. Or that if I response their gaze with a smile, they have earned the right to run around on the stage. When I tell them that this is not the case, milady is suddenly insulted, and suddenly I’m the bad guy. In some cases they might even try to still get what they want through initiating kissy kissy action. Sadly for them, (yeah my ego is that big) THIS *points at his own body* is not available.

So women of the world, I ask you, Why do you always want what you can’t have?

Don’t worry, I still love you all 😉

Bart Schellekens

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