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The Mockingbird compleet online!

The Mockingbird is working on a new webshow called “Musicians as Technicians. This show will focus itself on little engineering tips that musicians can apply to their performance and gear. In the first episode I will be talking about Mic Proximity. The show will be both in Dutch and English, […]

New webseries being made

The Waterhole is a place to party, aside from that it is also located in the heart of Amsterdam, which in its turn makes it very attractive for most tourists to visit. Still, I have encountered something here, from which I never believed to exist this much outside of movies.”What […]

Communicating with the Lips

Within a month my site has gotten over 1200 visits by over 200 visitors! It really gives me great joy to see that my site is doing this well. If any of you guys have pointers about how to improve my site, I accept them with open arms! Love to […]

Over 1200 visits!

It is a special feeling, to be an intern one day, and an actual full-fledged sound engineer the very next day. When you get in a situation like this, you’ll soon realise that you still have a lot to learn (I’m guessing that will stay the rest of my life). […]

Learning on job